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Learn how PaaS empowers you to innovate faster, more cost effectively and with less risk. To get an application running in the cloud you can spend long hours downloading, compiling, installing, configuring, and connecting all sorts of components— and that is just to get your application benefits of the 2020binary platform and running on a single virtual server instance. Not only can this be time consuming and costly, but it takes away from time you could have spent innovating and improving your application.

But now there is a better way. In the last several years, technologies between the operating system and your application—the platform layer—have evolved and matured to make cloud computing easier. Rather than downloading and building all of those platform-level technologies on each server instance, and then later having to repeat the process as you scale, you can go to a simple Web user interface, click a few options, and have your application automatically deployed to a fully provisioned cluster.

As application usage grows, you can later add more capacity by clicking a few more buttons. As you need to set up increasingly sophisticated architectures such as high availability and disaster recovery, you can do this from the same Web interface. And as all the constituent platform components evolve along their own respective paths, they are updated benefits of the 2020binary platform you, with no required effort on your part. That is what Platform-as-a- Service PaaS is all about. You can focus on improving your application while Engine Yard takes care of your platform.

We briefly outline the most important of these benefits below. Download our ebook that examines what is happening with PaaS today. PaaS consists of three main components. These are the various libraries, frameworks, and services that the developer uses to build the application and which are assumed to be present in the runtime environment.

The stack consists of components such as the language interpreter or language virtual machine VMthe application framework e. A given PaaS may offer several stack combinations to choose from, such as different stacks for different languages or different frameworks within a language domain.

The stack remains with your application as it runs; logically, it becomes essentially a part of your application. The second major component of a PaaS is the deployment machinery that instantiates virtual servers and provisions them with instances benefits of the 2020binary platform the stack and your application code. This machinery operates when you click the deploy button or perhaps invoke it from a command lineand it gets out of the way once deployment is complete and your application is up and running.

This machinery is itself code, perhaps a combination of scripts and Web services and perhaps uses an off-the-shelf technology such as Puppet or Chef. The way this machinery is architected, the particular parameters it exposes, and benefits of the 2020binary platform functions it makes available to an overlying graphical user interface GUI or command line interface CLI are important differentiators between a good PaaS and a bad one.

The third component is the user interface and the overall user experience UX. The ordering of the screens, the choices made available, the logic of how multiple applications and environments are organized and presented—all these factors are make-or-break for the learnability and usability benefits of the 2020binary platform a given PaaS. The right trade-offs between simplicity and flexibility, constraint and freedom, and opaqueness and transparency are all critical.

Choosing the right PaaS takes some thought and understanding benefits of the 2020binary platform your needs benefits of the 2020binary platform goals. Here are a few examples of the value PaaS can bring to your business. The Web is accelerating the pace of innovation.

To compete, you need to quickly transform new ideas into real applications and evolve those applications with agility in order to meet fast-changing business and technical requirements. Market opportunities exist very briefly. Your business needs to build, deploy, and iterate in days or weeks, not months or years.

Setting up platform-level software to run your application is time-consuming and complex. By simplifying, automating, and in many cases eliminating the steps associated with setting up the foundation for your application, you can get your application deployed much more quickly in the first place, and you can iterate, adapt, and extend it more rapidly over time.

We can deploy with just a few clicks and add benefits of the 2020binary platform instance with just one more click—and on top of it all, everything benefits of the 2020binary platform pre-configured by Benefits of the 2020binary platform experts at Engine Yard who could write the book on best practices for rapid deployment. Which allows you to be even better at knowing how to do the things that differentiate your business, like building applications with innovative features and exceptional user experiences.

Would you rather spend a dedicated headcount on an ops person or have an additional application developer? Focusing development resources and spending less benefits of the 2020binary platform on unneeded expertise are both benefits that intuitively translate into reducing costs.

But beyond these obvious things are even more ways that PaaS saves real money compared with doing it yourself on IaaS. With Benefits of the 2020binary platform you are tapping into a real economy of scale. Imagine the number of hours it would take to set up the core stack—the platform-level components—for your applications. Imagine the hours consumed on an ongoing basis to maintain the stack. Imagine the cost of those hours, and consider the incremental value from this work to your application.

Now consider those same costs amortized across thousands of applications. There is very little differentiating value from doing this low-level work yourself, so clearly, buying platform from a provider is more efficient than building it yourself.

We estimate that our costs are x lower than if we had to pay the direct and indirect costs of owning and managing our own infrastructure and deploying our large array of applications. There are also less obvious hidden costs, such as the cost of downtime when one of your administrators makes a mistake configuring your application server and no one can access your Web application for hours.

According to a study by Uptime Institute, 70 percent of data center downtime is caused by human error. Consider both the hard costs of downtime, such as lost business and unexpected support costs, and the soft costs, such as idled employees and a tarnished reputation.

What you actually end up with is something better, for less money. The stack and platform-level technology you would build yourself will almost never be as good as what a top PaaS will provide.

The top platform builders are in companies whose main business is platform. People who are world-class in a given discipline for the most part want to work somewhere where that discipline is core to the business, not in an ancillary or supporting role. A PaaS typically employs specialists who constantly tune, optimize, load-balance, reconfigure, and so on.

The result of faster page loads is often a reduction in bounce rates, because customers are more satisfied with the service level they experience. And since search engines use bounce rates and page load times to prioritize paid search rankings, faster application performance can substantially improve your application visibility and business performance.

In addition to the stack itself, there is the deployment mechanism, the platform software that instantiates virtual servers on the infrastructure and installs instances of the stack on them. Many aspects differentiate a good deployment mechanism from a bad one: Getting the user interface and user experience right is make-or-break for platform interaction. The interface needs to be both learnable and usable—i. A particular challenge of deploying your application on a self-built stack is the sheer number of components that need to be tracked, maintained, updated, and re-integrated over time.

One bad experience like this leads many do-ityourselfers to remain indefinitely on an increasingly outdated stack for fear of rocking the boat. The downside of course is that you end up missing out on the latest security updates, performance improvements, and new features— and what may have started as competitive advantage becomes a weighty impediment benefits of the 2020binary platform keeping up with your competitors.

With PaaS, you not only get the best possible stack as of the moment you deploy, you also get a stack that keeps up with you over time, ensuring that your application is always running on the latest and greatest. The PaaS experts constantly incorporate and test component updates and bring them into the platform.

At Engine Yard, updates are rolled out in a way that minimizes risk of incompatibility and gives you complete control over how updates are brought into your production applications.

PaaS vendors have the tools, technologies, and experience to help you avoid the unplanned outages that cause downtime. The best PaaS vendors embed technologies and benefits of the 2020binary platform in their products to keep availability high enough that they can offer service-level agreements SLAs at or above Engine Yard, for example, employs application templates and configuration recipes that minimize human error, ensure up-to-date snapshots of content assets, and allow fast and easy rollbacks if something goes awry.

Beyond basic data backup and OS hardening, PaaS vendors can protect your data in other ways. With Benefits of the 2020binary platform Yard, for example, completed transactions can be recovered in the case of database failures, so you never lose data from a committed transaction. Engine Yard automatically spreads your application across multiple availability zones, enhancing application resilience.

When building a platform yourself, you basically have three choices: In the first case you risk having to redo your platform and incur downtime when you outgrow your initial set-up. In the second case you will likely waste resources due to overprovisioning. And in the third case, you will like spend a lot of benefits of the 2020binary platform cost building something that ends up not nearly as good as what you can get from a PaaS.

With a PaaS, on the other hand, you get the benefit of a great scaling mechanism developed by experts over time and in response to the needs of many customers. This is where Engine Yard really shines because scaling Rails applications is one of their specialties. Security showcases another distinct advantage of the PaaS model.

With the sheer volume and the diversity of security threats on an upward spiral, protecting against attacks is best left to specialists. A PaaS benefits of the 2020binary platform provides continual security updates for individual stack components as they are issued. At Engine Yard the stack engineering team maintains fully updated Rails and PHP technologies, so security vulnerabilities in core language or framework components are quickly remedied and customers are automatically notified following the patch.

Through the back door. These unofficial or back-door efforts benefits of the 2020binary platform result in a mess, sooner or later. In other cases they create an even bigger mess: What if the new Web service unexpectedly disrupts, corrupts, or causes downtime in legacy applications? PaaS dramatically cuts the risk, cost, and complexity of new projects.

It brings predictability to both the cost and the ramifications of introducing new Web applications and services. To the extent needed, a PaaS offering can complement and add value to existing development and IT operations. As outlined above, when you build and run on a PaaS, you use technology that has been developed and refined in response to the needs of thousands of customers. When you call Engine Yard Support, you speak to someone who has dealt with hundreds of problems in the same domain as yours.

You speak to someone who has access to—may even be sitting next to—some of the leading experts in the community, whether for core Ruby or PHP language stack components or complementary open source projects. Engine Yard, one of the pioneers of PaaS, has been running cloud-based platforms for more than five years and has some of the deepest expertise and over successful production customers.

With a unique combination of Ruby on Rails and PHP expertise, operations orchestration, open source community involvement, and world-class service, Engine Yard empowers you to build and run cloud-based applications easily and cost-effectively. Three main offerings are available:. We recruit top-caliber Ruby and PHP talent—people who have vast experience with applications and who contribute to related open source projects—and we make their expertise available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Have benefits of the 2020binary platform question about how to use an Engine Yard product or how to choose the best runtime? Our team is ready and waiting to help you out. Engine Yard also offers a range of support options to help you deploy and maintain your applications in a production environment. Several levels of support are available, from self-support to standard and premium packages.