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I am wondering if I could work around the problem by changing this mapping when required perhaps once in a month? If you are going to be using one of the demat only once in a while one in a month or so , we could have a workaround. You open both your demats with us, and you have one trading account. Whenever you want to sell anything from your inactive demat account, you could tell us the quantity and price via email the previous night.

We could do it for you from our side. This would be immensely helpful. Could the support team help me to open this new demat? I am in Process of opening the account with you. I want to know one thing, if I just opened trading account and then link my existing demat account will I be able to use collateral margin given against the shares in Zerodha for the shares in my linked demat account.

No Varun, you will have to pledge those stocks with us, and using a demat account opened with us. My Plan is to invest few lacs in bluechip stocks delivery and used the collateral margin against these shares for taking positions in Options segment. As long as you are meeting the MTM requirement, no issues at all.

Note that you are not allowed to buy options as this is a margin, and hence can be used for trading futures and shorting options. I want that margin to be used specifically for getting into Short strangle in nifty intraday during low volatility days. I do it regulary through my other account.

What kind of leverage can i expect from Zerodha getting into this strategy. I usually get times through my other account.. Nithin, Can this type of leverage times for short strangle be provided intraday through zerodha??

Check our SPAN calculator , you can enter the strategy and it will tell you the overnight margin requirements. I have a demat account at NSDL which i opened thru SHCIL branch here who is my broker too but he doesnt do intraday and brokerage is too high so my question is can i use that same demat account for trading with zerodha online please answer ASAP.

Sohail, yes you can map it to us, but there is a catch. But if you are doing delivery based trading, you will be able to buy stocks through us which we will send it to your SHCIL demat, but while selling you will have to use SHCIL, and hence pay their brokerage charges.

If you want to avoid that, you will have to open a new demat with us. If I have demat account in icici can I open trading account whith you? So if you link your demat to our trading, everytime we get delivery of stocks, it will be sent to your demat. From a long term investment perspective is there a difference between keeping stocks in zero dha demat vs icicidirect delay acc?

Is one safer than the other? If I planto invest few crores, will safety of seamy be a factor? But if you open a trading account, opening a demat with us will always be more convenient. What if I opened a regular trading account in the name of one of my family members who is an Indian resident , and I trade on their behalf?

Thanks for your reply Nithin!! Manjith, if you have received your email with DP ID, your demat account must already be open and activated. You can login to your trading account and buy stocks. I have a resident trading and demat account with Geojith with shares in it, but not operated for the last 2 yrs.

Please let me know whether I can open a trading and demat account with zerodha. If yes, which one will be better resident or nre? Mathew, if you have a resident Savings account and address proof, you could open account as resident itself. Just to clarify, my mother still stays in India. Also, is it that with an NRI trading account you cannot do intraday square off? Looking forward to your reply. Hitesh, Yes you can open an account in your mothers name.

When you buy shares, only when we send the contract note to the bank, do they release the funds to us. This causes an incremental effort to service a NRI, hence the brokerage charges are higher. We now charge Rs per executed order, which is still quite cheap compared to everyone else.

Hi Nithin Kamath, First of all wish u thanks for your quick and responsive engagement with queries even they are not an entitled customers of Zerodha. This is the one thing sure! So, i found no reason to hang around there. I searched through online with complete sense: P for brokerage firms and shortlisted sas online, My value trade, trade jini, tradesmart, composite edge, rksv and zerodha.

To be honest, in various aspects and factors each and every firms in the above said comes handy. Photocopy of my address proof 2. Photocopy of my pan card 3. Is margin trading facility is available with zerodha or still not added? Karthik, Firstly the lead that came into our system had a different mobile number but the same email ID that you have used to post the comment. Our sales manager tried to reach you a couple of times on that number but was not reachable.

Will get him to call you back on this asap. Firstly we are probably the only profitable and debt free brokerage business in the entire low cost universe. Secondly, we are way ahead of other technologically: Q and Quant are probably the best reporting tools out there, Pi our new trading platform which is in beta has been getting rave reviews, Kite our yet to be released web based application will definitely turn heads, and there are 20 other reasons here.

Documents you have is enough, the sales manager will help you out with this. Yes, it is best to open a new demat with us. This kind of setup linking to another demat is prone to short delivery mishaps. Demat account including the first year AMC costs Rs DP transaction charges, click here to know more.

Btw HDFC charges 0. Yes, ECS is not mandatory. Yes margin trading is available for intraday. Check our margin calculator. Hi Nithin, hope u doing grt.. BIG thanks to ur technical team and their kindness for patiently listening queries! They really stand tall man.. Hey thanks Karthik for the feedback. I want to clarify the brokerage regarding nse equity option. In your website i read it as 0. But In brokerage calculator, it shows minimum is Here i am attaching a snapshot.

Dear Kamath, I got u. Actually, I was looking for some broker where i can buy n sale in option for a small margin. Your brokerage is good for other segment but there is a barrier for option. I wish to open a trading account with you for trading intraday equities, derivaties.

I want to open trading and bsda account. Will get someone to call you and give you more information. Its easier and more convenient to open and operate a resident account. Once this is mapped you will be able to trade intraday equity. I am trying to open Zerodha account. I have few queries: Please let me know how to proceed. Can you please let me know why? Suppose I buy a share today , can i sell it tomorrow?

So you can choose one of the proofs for income, 6 months bank statement is one of them. If you buy a share today as delivery, yes you can sell it tomorrow. If you buy today as an intraday, it gets squared off immediately.

If you are trading online, it is required to debit shares from your demat whenever you sell it. Wherever you trade online in India, POA for the demat account has to be given for debiting shares everytime anything is sold.

Regarding your other replies , i will also talk to your sales guy and clarify him that ECS is not mandatory and payment can also be done by Net banking. If you buy and sell as delivery during the day, it will still be considered intraday and all charges will be as if it were an intraday trade.

I wish to open an account with Zerodha, but have couple of initial queries — hope you will be able to clarify them. For doing so, i just need to request for a trading account with Zerodha right and not demat? Well Nitin, I wud initially appreciate the way you respond to the queries. Is there any update on the timeline? Satya, Yes you can open ur account, leave your contact number here: I am student , i want to open a trading account for derivatives and commodity trading, i do no have any income , i plan to use my savings in my bank account for trading.

I want to trade in stock market, bonds and ETF such as this -http: Say, For initial 2 yrs his toal investment valuation is Rs. I want to know what is DP charge rs 13 mentioned above and would it mean I would be charged DP transaction for every delivery based transaction? Amit DP charge is applicable only when you sell the stocks which is lying in your demat. So Rs 13 only when you sell. All brokerages have DP charge, we are amongst the lowest. How do I sell share, transfer funds, ask query?

Do you have any broker in Lucknow or Gorakhpur? If you open only Trading at Zerodha, you can buy shares through us, but these shares will get credited to your HDFC demat. While selling you will have to then do it through HDFC itself.

Once transferred you can do everything with us. If you open only trading account with us, you will buy with us so our brokerage, but you will sell using HDFC, so their brokerage. So where you are is immaterial. If you still have any query, , we have a team of almost in Bangalore for all kinds of support. The account opening fees, and upfront AMC if you are opening a demat account.

All charges are here: So what should I do in order to save buying and selling brokerage charge? Everything on this post. Yes both are usually referred to the same charge. When you sell shares from your demat, this charge is applicable.

No AMC for trading, only for demat. We collect it on their behalf and pay it to them. Point 1, check the link. If any orders placed calling the call center, SMS sent on execution for free. Check this for BSDA. Thanks for clarifying Nitin. I like the commitment you guys show for every small concern from clients. Can I link another of my sb account in different bank iob so that I can directly transfer to zerodha..

Presently I am transferring from bank2 to bank1 and then bank1 to zerodha.. Anand, yes you can link multiple bank accounts to transfer money into trading account. While withdrawing, we do it only to the primary bank account. To link another account, send us a copy of your cancelled cheque along with a letter asking to map the new bank account with your signature on it.

One of our support staffs will get back to you with the status of your demat account. A demat account typically takes 10 days provided all the documents provided are correct. Z-connect, Varsity, Q, Quant, Pi all the products are so nicely designed and user-friendly that I love to do the trading myself instead of calling up to trade. Thanks to Zerodha, I have learnt so many technical details in trading. Awaiting eagerly for Kite!

When you guys are planning to launch it? Can you please guide me on how to proceed? I believe if POA is provided, then sharing a demat account with two trading accounts is possible.

The demat account holder and trading account holder have to be the same. Your dad will need to open both trading and demat with us. If it is possible for you to compile some videos Min. I have a demat account in SBI. In future if i open demat in zerodha ilfs two demat accounts link one trading account or add only zerodha demat account?

Yes in future you can shift from SBI to Zerodha demat account. But it is inactive as i am not trading and there is no amount in it.

Now i want to start it again. If i wish new Account no and close old one ……is it possible? Madhavi, you can have only one trading account with a brokerage firm. Yes you will have to repeat the entire process including account opening charges.

Can you please confirm comodity account with nri, I just applied nri demat and tradding account with Zerodha but I m also interested with comodity. Can i use my hdfc demat account for opening a trading account here…how to link them, where i can get more info on this? Bob, yes you can link your HDFC demat to a new trading account that you open with us.

The blogpost above explains you all the details. Do speak to our sales manager who is helping you out. Nitiji Can i send both application at Zerodha bcoz i dont know ifsl address and all i just open account with you.

I opened a trading account with Zerodha last week. I want to link my existing HDFC demat account with my trading account.

How long will take to link them? There is no minimum balance required. If you have sent your DP statement, it should already be mapped. You can login here: Such an arrangement I believe would be beneficial for clients in locations where you do not a presence. Further it becomes important in situations where transmission of securities becomes is concerned for successors to follow up. It would be win-all situation for Zerodha, banks and customers as well.

Hi, I m interested to open an account with zerodha , but before that I hv few questions 1. What documents do I hv submit to open a commodity account? Do I need demat account for commodity trading?

Is there any charges other than the charges mentioned in brokerage calculator? Do you provide signal for nickel trading? If so on what frequency ll I get the signals? Please reply asap to my queries.

I called to the number provided in ur site ,but it was on hold for 5 mins. PAN, address proof, income proof and photo. Depositing online is instant using the payment gateway. Withdrawals take around 24 hours from when you transfer. HDFC is the most convenient as we bank with the same. But yes, you can use the Zerodha demat account number and apply for IPO either through offline, or any other way of applying.

I already have a Zerodha trading account and I want to open a Demat account and also paid the AMC fee rs for same using online platform. Dear Nitin, I applied to open a trading account for which submission of document is not yet done but payment of Rs. Is there any way to rectify that error now so that I pay and opt for demat account along with this current application?

Is self attestation of the required documents by zerodha will suffice? All you need to give extra is the income proof.

If i open trading with Zerodha can i save my DP charges? What are your DP charges for delivery based transactions? Yes Nitin, you can walk into any sales center and open an account. What is the time taken to open Demat account with you? And what are the charges? Do you provide margin against shares if the demat account is with you? Demat account now takes around 3 to 5 working days once we have received the forms. Yes you can pledge stocks to get margin against shares.

Hi I am a first time investor and I have decided to go with zerodha. Please advice on the following: Which type of account i should go for? Will you be advising on regular basis about the modalities till i get in to practice? Trading and demat account 2. But we run many initiatives to help you get started, check our very popular: I do not understand this?

Till now I was doing it with reliance securities. I want to know- 1 Is it necessary to open new trading account for eq. Actually I contacted Zerodha support , but I got two different answers.

Kindly guide me so that I can proceed. Same trading ID will get used for equity. Reliance money would have given you a delivery instruction slip, on that mention the new Zerodha demat DP ID, and all stocks that you intend to transfer. Dear Nithin, I told in first message that I received two different answers.

But before opening account with Zerodha , I am confirming again. Your demat account will be opened with Zerodha. I have a just trading account with Zerodha which i opened when i was a resident back in Now I hold a NRI status.

I know that i might need a Demat account to do that as I currently hold only Trading account with Zerodha. Kindly let me know which kind of account and what bank account i need to use in order to participate in Equity market.

I am existing zerodha customer. I have following questions: Suppose i started day challenge. So how zerodha or day challenge will come to know i have booked profit on that trade.? In future, suppose I want to open demat with zerodha, and de-link my existing zerodha trading account with ICICI, and link it with zerodha demat. Can I do this? If yes, how can I, as I see forms links for two options only, a.

Only trades buy and sell both executed within Zerodha in those 60 days will be considered for profitability of the challenge. You can see only Zerodha demat form here: Once Zerodha demat is open, u can fill up the delivery instruction booklet provided to you by ICICI, mention the stocks u want to transfer, mention the zerodha demat account number, and submit this to ICICI.

They will transfer this within 24 hours. I am a new member of Zerodha and I would like to thank you for providing such a great trading experience! Is there any other alternative to Client Master Sheet? Sir i have a demat account in geojit and i newly start a demat account in zerodha.

When you opened zerodha demat, you would have got a DP ID. They have to transfer the shares to your new demat within 24 hours. Sir, My wife want to open a trading only account with Zerodha. She already have a Demat account with Aditya birla. Only Intrested in Equity Delivery now. I understand that if connect existing aditya birla Demat account with Zerodha, she can buy from Zerodha but sell through Aditya birla.

She have no plan to trade in other segments except delivery trade. So how Zerodha will get profit if you provide a trading only account?

Jibin, the business is planned for long term. Currently the focus is to onboard and let as many people let know of the business. Sir, Please provide following details of Zerodha, to update with current Brocker. We need to open a Trading account with Zerodha. Name of the stock brocker? Name of the sub brocker, if any? Sir You have made the equity investment charges zero.

If you charge a fixed fee , it will lower break even point and so success rate of small traders will increase and frequency of trading also. It will enable us to pay fixed monthly charge. Please note that we are not asking for zero charge , but a fixed monthly charge.

Gilari, to promote the importance of equity investing we decided to make the brokerage zero. Is cancelled cheque leaf is mandatory for account opening. Then for my first six month upfront amc can i pay online. Is there any ways like that. Yeah, cancelled cheque acts as a proof of bank account, and hence mandatory. AMC will be collected from your trading account, and not mandatory to pay it upfront.

Yes you can, but you have to come through the custodial participant route. If you login to https: Print it, sign it and send it to us with the account opening cheque of Rs , or pay the acop fee here: Opc company presently I have trading account with hdfc securities but they do not provide discount brokerage so I want to switch to zerodha, so please tell me what is the procedure of open trading account of newly started pvt.

Opc one person company company and what documents required. Yes Abdul, best to open a NRI trading and demat account asap. Check this post, explains all you need to know about NRI trading and demat account.

Thank you very much, Please again one more, Last 4 years I did lot of transaction including intraday [Invested 20 Lack and lost 15Lack]. Hoping your kind advice. If you have done a lot of transaction, it is best to show them all as business losses using ITR4. If I open a trading account with Zerodha, link it to my existing demat with Sharekhan and give POA on the same demat to Zerodha as well, will it be possible to sell my demat holdings thru Zerodha trading account?

I mean, do I need to seek their nod at all? You will need to speak to them and ask them firstly to allow you to give us the POA, and secondly give an access from where we can debit shares when you sell. Even for equity intraday trading, you need to have a demat account mapped according to new exchange regulation. Hi Nithin, You are an inspirational personality. To transfer from them to your DP account, they have asked per scrip 0. For me this 0. I read some where in the internet that, as per SEBI, if I apply for closing down the existing Demat account of Motilal , then they are not supposed to charge me anything at all And should transfer all my scrips to my new Demat account Zerodha account for free.

Is this information right? Is there such rule existing? Please let me know. Yes Dr, you can give motilal a closing letter for your demat account along with Zerodha demat account number. They are supposed to transfer all shares for free. This is what I read in the internet. Thank you Nithin, As usual, You are too helpful when it comes to clarifications. Can i open trading and demat account in different?

How can I check from Demat account holdings? I got a bonus share for one of the scrips I am holding. I wanted to check if it has been credited to the demat account? I have a demat acct with Citi Bank and trading account with Citi Wealth. As Citi Wealth is ceasing operations I need a new trading account. Can I open one with zerodha and link to my existing Citi Bank demat or do I need to open a demat as well with zerodha. You can link your existing demat account to your Zerodha demat account.

I am in an NRI in Australia. It has to be cash and delivery. Me and others like me would be happy with nil or negligible charges like you guys. Can you be of any help. Guide us if possible to get maximal benefits?? I want to open a few more accounts and let my employees use them to do intraday trading.

I believe i cannot open more than one account in my name with the same PAN. Is there any corporate account or trader account sub ID, etc which can be subscribed in my name or my companies name? How do trading firm or investment bank employees trade on behalf of their employers.

I want to do intraday as a trading business. We might have something for you, as long as you want multiple access to just one account. No charts are available for this yet. I am having demat account with Saraswat bank. Can I link it with your trading account and use it both to buy and sell,there is no trading account linked with it currently.

What is the procedure for the same?. Yogesh, you can link it only to buy. You will not be able to then sell through us. Best to open both trading and demat with us. I want to open a trading account with Zerodha keeping my existing demat account with Geojit. I have few questions: Will Zerodha also offer this?

Also, if I buy some shares from Zerodha and it goes to my demat account. Yes, once shares hit your Geojit demat, they will provide you margin on that.

Can I open demat account here? What documents will be require? Check this post , explains all you need to know. This is stipulated by the exchange. My guess the logic is that if stocks hit circuit down after you buying, a demat account will be required to take delivery of the stock.

I have understood as your support replied. Actually this line made me confused. I am a beginner. Also kindly make this option like when you reply to our questions we get a email notification. This will be very helpful. It becomes difficult to search with a mobile portal. Yeah, u will need to map some demat account. You can give demat statement of any of your existing demat accounts.

Hi, How long will it take to open a demat and trading account with you? Request you to leave your contact details here: Hello Sir , I am executing a BO order today but message said this bracket order is not available for my account. How to solve this issue? Bracket order is already enabled on the account.

Could you try to place an order and check again? I have account with you as well as sharekhan leading to creation of 2 demat accounts. I want to close 1 demat account and link my trading account at zerodha with the demat account which I already have with sharekhan or vice versa. Please help me in the process. If you map sharekhan demat to our trading, you will be able to buy with us, but not sell. Also check this post. My dad wants to swtich over to zerodha for equity and derivatives trading.

Can he trade via call to zerodha sales and will there changes in brokerage for offline trading? I have a demat account already.

Can I simply open a trading account through Zerodha to conduct delivery based FnO trades. This is the only thing, i need to trade from other account. For everything else, zerodha now suffice. The trading activity is not much, and we are not comfortable in terms of risk because of the reduced liquidity. Dear Sir, As a costumer of zerodha.

I like to be working with zerodha but now i want to be make this relationship more stronger. I belongs from uttarakhand. Even from where city does i belongs Almora. There are eventually any trader or investor. So i want to be part of zerodha sales partner office at there. I will be very grateful for being a part of fastest growing and emerging company in a financial world.

I have my commodity account on zerodha but i trade on MCX but now i want to trade on Ncdex also how to do that??? Request clarification of queries from Account Opening Document. I am referring to ZerodhaTDsep For Delivery based trades, a minimum of Rs.

All accounts with credit balances of Rs. If you have any unutilized funds, we send it back to your bank account once every quarter. Thank you very much Nithin for your kind answer. Really amazed by your prompt reply that too at a late night..

Do you really sleep or not? Could you please also share some link that gives information on bank transaction charges. If you use a payment gateway it is Rs 9 to transfer into the trading account, no charges for withdrawing. You will need a DIS slip. You can send a request to our office asking us to courier you the DIS slip booklet. You can sign, mention the other account details, details of stock you want to transfer and send it back to us.

You can ask for DIS slip from zerodha. Fill DIS slip and submit it again to zerodha. Shares will be transferred with in 7 days. Precaution should be taken with DIS to avoid misuse. Remember to strike out remaining shares rows which left empty. You only pay for the seat to take you from point A to point B.

I would like to invest in equity stocks, as in I would like to buy and hold a variety of stocks for a months, then sell, buy something else, like this. What type of account do you recommend I open?

Kindly mail me your opinion in the above given mail. Thanking you in advance, Kunal Lad. How to trade offline shares on Zerodha? Hi, I am having account in zerodha.

I would like to transfer my offline mutual fund in zerodha is it possible? BSDA is primarily targetted towards small investors and encourage those entering the market. DP charges remain at 13, like a normal account.

Sincerely appreciate the quick responses!! Minute details such as this, helps alot. I have to open a Trading and demat account in zerodha. I am from Gwalior M. I have 3 questions. I dont know how to operate your software. What will be best Internet speed for intraday trading activities.

Can I buy also Sip through zerodha. Check this webinar , and this user guide. If so what are the requirements.

International LLP can come into India using the custodial route. Not a very easy task, but we can help you out. Just opened my account at zerodha today and tried placing an order through smallcase. So smallcase support says I am not enabled to trade on NSE. Before zerodha I used to trade on NSE through sharekhan. So what could be the problem here?

Probably means that your demat account is still not active. With the bandh in blore last few days, there was a backlog. I wish to sell many those stocks and update the portfolio. What is the best way? Can i sell with trading account of Zerodha linked with hdfc Demat account? Or i should open both Demat and trading account with Zerodha and transfer all shares to zerodha.

What is the process and charges for transferring the shares to zerodha from hdfc? Open demat and trading with us. To transfer shares, check this answer.

Hi, I was trying to open an account. But during sign up it is saying my mobile number is already registered. I have not registered before. I dont have an account with Zerodha. Please get my situation sorted and help me open an account at the earliest. Hello Sir , My account just recently got opened around days ago , i also transferred a sum of Rs. By mistake, I have transferred a sum of Rs to my trading account from a HDFC bank account which is not linked to my trading account. Will Zerodha refund the amount to that bank account?

When will they do it? Yeah Pritam we will refund by end of day. If this account belongs to you, you can get that account also mapped by sending us a cancelled cheque leaf or bank statement. Anything below and above is profitable. How can make the loss in to Zero by adding position or hedging? Khalid, no way to make potential of a loss zero while expecting to earn some money. Suggest you to go through the option strategies module.

Check this, explained on tradingqna on SGB. Sir i new in online trading. I want to open demat account. Please tell me the procedure to link my pnb bank account with zerodha account. Do I still need a demat account for Stock futures?

I submitted my application today. Can I call them tomorrow and tell them to not cash my cheque of Rs as I do not need a demat account? What will be the charge, if I buy some share in delivery EQ and sell them in the same day? Is it intraday EQ charge? Procedure for transmission of shares in case of death of shareholder individual and joint account with and without nominee?

I would like to know can I add a joint holder in an already opened demat account with Zerodha. What is the procedure to transfer shares to nominee in case of death of demat account holder? No, both persons are required to operate the account. I allocate funds to the DMat account from my Icici account. Now I want to open DMat and trading account with you.

Yes you can open new trading and demat with us. If I buy any share, will I be able to sell those on the same day Or I have to select this intraday somewhere? In case of intraday transaction, say I used Rs. Can I get the amount I invested to my bank account on the same day? In intraday transaction, is it must to sell those share on the same day or it will be sold automatically at the day end? Yes, you can buy and sell on the same day.

You can withdraw profits on settlement, i. However the onus of squaring off all intraday positions lies entirely on you. I will courier the required documents to get tomorrow. I will send following documents: Copy of last year IT return as income proof. Cancelled cheque How many? I have demat and trading ac with zerodha i wanted to take ac of icici direct or angel broking or choice broking for daily tips and recomendations can i use zerodha demat for them.

Is it possible to trade with single login? Adding to the list: Need to know ASAP to take advantage of the volatility due to the upcoming budget. If you have opened an account with us, you would have opened both demat and trading.

You might not have enabled trading derivatives on your account. On our resources page , click on segment addition. Download this form , print, sign and send it to us. You will also have to attach an income proof, any of the ones mentioned in the post above. Then I added RS from savings account. I cant find any strong hint for that missing across 10 RS. Can you please help me in that? Prantik, if you have used the payment gateway to transfer funds, there would be Rs 10 PG charges.

You can see all of this if you open your ledger. Go to Q — backoffice from within Kite, click on ledger. Check this link, explains DP charges. Can I open a new trading account with Zerodha. Can I have to close the Demat account and open new Demat with Zerodha. Is it possible to keep two Demat account. You can have multiple demat and trading accounts. So no issues if you have to open a new account with us.

Sir, Currently I have an account with inditrade. You will have to open a new trading and demat with us. If you print the forms yourself, it is Rs Will take us 2 days from when we receive the forms here in Bangalore. I have received the trading account opening form via email. If I already have a demat account with ICICIDirect but I still want to open a new one with Zerodha, is it still required to give details of my existing demat account to Zerodha or can I just fill out the form without the existing demat details and send it across.

Option is on you. I have added CitiBank account to my Zerodha Account. But I am not directly transfer the funds to the Zerodha. You will have to send us a copy of your KBL personalized cheque along with request to map your bank on our email. I was hoping you could help me with the following doubts: Is it enough if I just submit the closure form to the other broker, or do I have to notify Zerodha or the DP?

The cheques do not have my name printed on them? Is a cheque still sufficient, or do I have to provide some other proof? If not, is Zerodha planning to add this feature any time soon?

No charges from us, they might charge you. Send us the cheque along with the bank statement. No, currently withdrawal only to the primary account. If you are transactions are below a certain point, all demat accounts automatically becomes BSDA. If you are printing the forms yourself, you have to Rs for trading and Rs for demat for opening. To make it a joint account with me being the second holder, what documentation will I need to give please?

Your PAN card and address proof. Only demat account can be joint. Trading can be opened only as a single holder. I have written to your support group and they have mentioned that it will be reflected on listing day in secondary market. While going through net in many forums its states that your demat should be active and read state for receiving shares.

As soon as the shares gets listed on exchange you can see it on Q. You can also create a login to https: Do i need to fill any form for BSDA account if my holding is below 2 lac? Is it possible to open a join account in Zerodha. If yes, then how and what are the procedures. Is there any possibility of providing the flexibility of using the same funds for both equity and commodity. Suresh, stock options are highly illiquid, hence market orders are not allowed.

You can place limit orders. I am a NRI from Dubai. So can you please answer the following questions so that I can consider other options. Will I need a Power of Attorney to do so? Zerodha is best for the small investors because there is no minimum charges of brokerage per trade. The brokerage rate is 0. This will lead you in saving on brokerage.

Their main business review comes from derivatives, hence they have decided to charge zero brokerage on delivery. Zerodha also offers a 60 Day Challenge. If a trader is net profitable in a 60 day period, all the brokerage charged to him will be refunded.

Maximum brokerage reversal is capped at Rs per challenge. You should not open Zerodha account just because it offers lowest rates. I do not have any account with Zerodha because I am not a trader. You should open Zerodha if your trade volume is more than 1Cr per year.

Ventura is a full service broking company which provides service to clients to invest in equity, equity derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, fixed income products and currency futures. I am Ventura customer for a long time.

Their windows based trading platform is also good. You will need a little trading before starting your trading on their platform. Ventura charge different brokerage rate depends upon the plan that you will choose. You have to pay the plan amount at the account opening time. Your brokerage will be adjusted against deposit throughout the year. ICICI direct is one the largest share brokerage company having more than 20 lakh customers. A variable percentage of brokerage is charged on basis of quarterly turnover.

Higher the turnover, lesser will be the brokerage. A fixed percentage of brokerage is charged on turnover. There is no turnover based slab rates like I- saver plan. You have to pay prepaid brokerage under this plan. The brokerage rate is lesser as compare to the other two plan. HDFC securities provides 3-in-1 account which integrate your saving account, trading account and demat account.

I tried to collect all required information in a single article. I would like to know which account you liked. Kindly let me know in the comments. For high volume trading, the first preference should be 5Paisa.

AngelBroking , that provide you reliable trading platforms and awesome customer support. Avoid the common mistakes that I also did in the past and lost my money. I have written an article on how to avoid common mistakes in share market. You must read how to start investing in the indian stock market even if you have only Rs. How to open account and operate them. Request you to also review demat account provided by Yes bank. Excellent compilation of various options available in the market.

Thanks for this insightful write-up. Zerodha is one of the best. Everyone should open an account in zerodha. It is best and application is also best comparing to others. They have indepth knowledge on each segment. An old organisation has the expertise and total paisa vassool. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

I started CashOverflow in and it has changed my life beyond my expectations. Start Your Online Business. Additional menu Last Updated: Mar 2, I opened my first demat account in just after getting my first job. Most of my investment was in Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits. Know the difference between demat and trading account before investing. Read the comments of the article as well. Hack to Get Lowest Brokerage Give high amount of initial cheque when opening the demat account. Angel Broking Demat Account 3.

Aditya Birla in Demat Account 4. Religare Demat Account 5. Kotak Securities Demat account Best demat account for small investors in India 6.