Complaints trade king brokerage account

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Essentially, if you have to sue or go to arbitration, what you want is a record that says you were reasonable and they were abusive. You want a judge to get mad on your behalf.

You need that relationship to work so they can help you get it straightened out. In my experience, any kind of threat just shuts them down cold.

You were making maximum daily deposits and then withdrawals, a la money laundering. You could threaten all of the government oversight you like, but they are already on the case…. Don, thanks for your comments. I have not found one financial institution that holds an ACH for more than 30 days. Thanks for the warning. Due to recent screw-ups at Ameritrade, I was going to move to TradeKing.

It sounds like that would have been a disaster. What good are low fees if you have to put up with this kind of garbage? I should have read your warning. I actually have the same problem as you trying to withdrawal my money and switch to a different broker. This is definately a dishonest company when it comes to trying to keep your Business. Basically their business moto is; if you want to leave, we are going tie you up. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Click on the picture to hear an audio file of the word. Tradeking is holding my money hostage. JustSurfing December 10, at 1: Mike December 12, at 9: You might also read how now Tradeking says that the ACH holding time is 60 business days: Don December 17, at Sometimes it pays to get an attorney involved. I would also think at some point state and federal regulators can be helpful. Geroge September 25, at Hondaddy February 23, at