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Existen tres tipos contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 registro de servidor de directivas de red NPS: Used primarily for auditing and troubleshooting connection attempts.

Logging user authentication and accounting requests to a local file. Used primarily for connection analysis and billing purposes. Also useful as a security investigation tool because it provides you with a method of tracking the activity of a malicious user after an attack. Puede configurar el registro de archivos local mediante el Asistente para configurar cuentas. You can configure local file logging using the Accounting Configuration wizard. Se usa para permitir que a varios servidores que ejecuten NPS tengan un origen de datos.

Used to allow multiple servers running NPS to have one data source. Also provides the advantages of using a relational database. By using the Accounting Configuration wizard, you can configure the following four accounting settings: In addition to these settings, both SQL Server logging and text logging allow you to specify whether NPS continues to process connection requests if logging fails. You can specify this in the Logging failure action section in local file logging properties, in SQL server logging properties, and while you are running the Accounting Configuration Wizard.

To run the Accounting Configuration Wizard, complete the following steps: Puedes usar este procedimiento para configurar los archivos de registro en el que quieres almacenar los datos de cuentas.

You can use this procedure to configure the log files in which you want to store the accounting contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2. To prevent the log files from filling the hard drive, it is strongly recommended that you keep them on a partition that is separate from the system partition. The following provides more information about configuring accounting for NPS: To send the log file data for collection by another process, you can configure NPS to write to a named pipe.

In the Local file properties dialog box, in Create a new log file, select Never unlimited file size when you use named pipes. Cambio de formato de archivo de registro no provoca un nuevo registro crearse. Switching log file formats does not cause a new log to be created.

If you change log file formats, the file that is active at the time of the change will contain a mixture of the two formats records at the start of the log will have the previous format, and records at the end of the log will have the new format. Membership in the Domain Admins group is the minimum required to perform this procedure.

Membership in Domain Admins, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure. Some RADIUS proxy servers and network access servers periodically send authentication and accounting requests known as ping requests to verify that the NPS server is present on the network. Estas solicitudes ping incluyen los nombres de usuario ficticia. These ping requests include fictional user names. When NPS processes these requests, the event and accounting logs become filled with access reject records, making it more difficult to keep track of valid records.

Cuando se configura una entrada al registro para ping el nombre de usuarioNPS coincide con el valor de la entrada del registro con el valor de nombre de usuario en las solicitudes de ping por otros servidores. When you configure a registry entry for ping user-nameNPS matches the registry entry value against the user name value in ping requests by other servers. A ping user-name registry entry specifies the fictional user name or a user name pattern, with variables, that matches the fictional user name sent by Contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 proxy servers and network access servers.

When NPS receives ping requests that match the ping user-name registry entry value, NPS rejects the contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 requests without processing the request. NPS no registra las transacciones relacionadas con el nombre de usuario ficticio en los archivos de registro, lo que facilita la interpretar el registro de eventos.

NPS does not record transactions involving the fictional user name in any log files, which makes the event log easier to interpret. Ping user-name is not installed by default. Debes agregar ping el nombre de usuario en el registro.

You must add ping user-name to the registry. Puedes agregar una entrada al registro mediante el Editor del registro. You can add an entry to the registry using Registry Editor.

Incorrectly editing the registry might severely damage your system. Antes de realizar cambios en el registro, debe hacer una copia de los datos importantes en el equipo.

Before making changes to the registry, you should back up any valued data on the computer. Nombre contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 usuario de ping puede agregarse a la siguiente clave del registro como un valor de cadena por un miembro del grupo de administradores local: Ping user-name can be added to the following registry key as a string value by a member of the local Administrators group: To indicate more than one user name for a ping user-name value, enter a name pattern, such as a DNS name, including wildcard characters, in Data.

Registro de solo texto. By using this setting, you can configure NPS to log accounting data to a text file. By using this setting, you can configure the SQL Server data link and database.

Registro de SQL con copia de seguridad. SQL logging with backup. In the console tree, click Accounting. En el panel de detalles, en contabilidadhaz clic en configurar Contabilidad.

In the details pane, in Accountingclick Configure Accounting. En el panel de detalles, en propiedades de archivo de registrohaz clic en propiedades de archivo de registro de cambios. The Log File Properties dialog box opens. In Log File Propertieson the Settings tab, in Log the following informationensure that you choose to log enough information to achieve your accounting goals. For example, if your logs need to accomplish session correlation, select all check boxes.

In Logging failure actionselect If logging fails, discard connection requests if you want NPS to stop processing Access-Request messages when log files are full or unavailable for some reason. If you want NPS to continue processing connection requests if logging fails, do not select this check box. If you do not supply a full path statement in Log File Directorythe default path is used.

En contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2haz clic en compatible con DTS. In Create a new log fileto configure NPS to start new log files at specified intervals, click the interval that you want to use: Para un volumen de transacciones y actividad contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 registro, haz clic en diario. For heavy transaction volume and logging activity, click Daily. For lesser transaction volumes and logging activity, click Weekly or Monthly.

Para almacenar todas las transacciones contabilizacion de las opciones sobre acciones ifrs 2 un archivo de registro, haz clic en nunca unlimited file size.

To store all transactions in one log file, click Never unlimited file size. To limit the size of each log file, click When log file reaches this sizeand then type a file size, after which a new log is created. The default size is 10 megabytes MB. If you want NPS to delete old log files to create disk space for new log files when the hard disk is near capacity, ensure that When disk is full delete older log files is selected.

This option is not available, however, if the value of Create a new log file is Never unlimited file size. Also, if the oldest log file is the current log file, it is not deleted.

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