Dove guadagnano i broker di opzioni binarie

The artists conjuring of the virtuosic formal and compositional solutions of Italian Baroque painting, as well as the classical traditions of representation (Saint Sebastian, Laocoon, Christian martyr iconography), in addition to topping off the sensuous nature of the experience, also puts quotation marks around the images by bringing into conflict the fundamentally contrary cultural decoding of the theme and its presentation.

In his exhibition entitled Parturiunt Montes, Csaba Kis Roka presents paintings that are in a direct line of continuation with his art, which is remarkably rich in spite of his young age. In comparison to his earlier works, a universalization of cultural references and a further nuancing of his already rich technical repertoire are evident in the exhibited material.

The title of the exhibition, which refers to an adage from Horatius Ars Poetica (Parturiunt montes, nascitur ridiculus mus, in English: The mountains are in labor; a ridiculous mouse will be born), can be brought into connection with the exhibition, as well Kis Rokas art and works, in a number of ways, but it can also be interpreted in a wider context.