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FxKart is one of the popular Forex Exchange Rates service providers in Kolkata and can help you get your currency exchanged in the most easiest and secure way possible. With FxKart, you always get live Forex Exchange Rates from the dealers and it is up to you to choose the best deal possible for your foreign exchange. Our forex customers can now exchange foreign money at unbeatable conversion rates. Fxkart is offering a transparent system which allows you to place orders only after verifying the live market rates.

Moreover, we do not charge any sort of membership or transaction fees. Three simple steps and you will be done with the quickest forex transaction ever. Fill in your details in the space provided on our home page. Once you choose and confirm your best deal, the order will be completed. We have collaborated with some RBI authorised currency exchangers who live up to the expectations of every customer. You will be able to avail best forex rates along with various other benefits.

All these collectively make Fxkart the best forex service provider in the market. International wire transfers are often required by city residents. Our users can now easily send money to someone living abroad or complete an education remittance through Fxkart. Our cheap foreign prepaid travel cards are also something which travellers want to possess. Get your personal travel card loaded with your desired amount of required currency. Our facilitates both way conversions of foreign money.

INR to foreign currency conversions are made by those who visit foreign countries. However, after returning to your home you may be having some unspent foreign exchange which you might want to convert back to INR.

Yes, selling of foreign exchange is also possible at Fxkart. You just need to tell us about your exact foreign currency conversion. The bidding process will let you view the available exchange rates for your conversion. Compare the rates and finalise your best foreign exchange deal at Fxkart. They guided me expertly to the best deals. The team was really helpful and they are solving the problem in a very good way.

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