Faq binary options robot

What are the best binary option robot settings? Here are the best settings depending on your starting balance:.

Where do I view my trading history? Via faq binary options robot synced broker account history page. Faq binary options robot are the best trading times to use the robot? The best times to trade is when the faq binary options robot are most active and has the highest volume of trades.

Below are the best Forex market sessions and most active currency pairs:. What are the best days to use the robot? During any given week through a calendar year the most active trading days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Where do I change the robot settings? How to make a withdrawal? Follow the steps their to make your withdrawal. Can I sync a regulated broker? Faq binary options robot do I choose which broker to sync? Our system will automatically assign you the best broker for your region. Is the demo account same is a real money account?

You have all the same settings and indicators. The only difference is the price feed used in a demo account is provided by eToro. Real money accounts use the brokers pricing feed. Does your robot allow for CFD trading? Does your robot offer cryptocurrency trading? To trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin we highly recommend joining Cryptorobot.

There you can trade all the top crypto coins using their robot software. Frequently Asked Questions OptionRobot. Join Our Newsletter Get the best robot settings!