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They control the price of gas and gold through the amount of futures and options contracts that they trade. They have all kinds of insight as to what will happen because they are in the know. One of the Federal Reserve presidents made a comment about The Fed coming up with their own digital currency because it is clear that they are scared of Bitcoin unless the theory about the international bankers creating Bitcoin is true.

So maybe Ripple is right up their alley. In the early stages of Bitcoin there were a lot of articles similar to this one being put out saying that Bitcoin was a scam. Either the banks were doing it to discourage Bitcoin buyers, or wealthy individuals were telling people to stay away so they could hoard up. Do your own research guys. Its not like bitcoin in the least. Watch the money run from bitcoin to xrp. People want accountability when it comes to their money.

Always have, always will. I knew you were all wrong. Sorry, but at Harvard Business School we actually learn how to evaluate a company. Based on that, and it was damn simple, I loaded up on xrp in April Invest with your brain, not your ideology. I took a screen of the supply of ripple 2 weeks ago and again now. It has gone up about 90,, It also went to 10c a couple of hours ago and has now returned to 21c Cheesy…. In that sence you might be right.

However, at the link you gave yourself, you can read about two additinal kinds of gateways:. Most cryptocurrencies rely on private exchanges to provide a market for the cryptocurrency, but the Ripple Consensus Ledger has a currency exchange built into the protocol itself. Currently, Ripple does not have widespread support for merchant operations. My speculation is, that one day when everything is settled there will be an exchange rate between Ripple and FIAT.

Furthermore, appearently the design includes an option for merchants to be directly attached to the ledger. That depends entirely on how Ripple decides to act. If they want to make it scarce, they can. If they want to flood the market, they can. There are plenty of whales, but no user controls this much of the market. When the DAO hardfork happened, the mining community voted against the fork.

The Ethereum Foundation want the fork, and pushed it through anyway. As POS is implemented for Ethereum, an ice-age clock will be put in place that makes mining less and less attractive, forcing the miners off the network.

As long as the music is playing, people will be diverted away from bitcoin and focused on ripple. If Ripple the company was to sell the currency they own, they could very easily flood the market and crash the price. Have you ever thought the people who own Ripple might cash out and flood the markets and screw the banks over…everybody going down in a giant tsunami while being away on higher ground. Another reason not to own Ripple. On the other hand, I believe if you do speculate in this one pick a tiny amount of your money and wait for the big payoff since all banks will use it, it could be worth a lot.

No one can just dump their ripple. They can split it into tiny transactions either because of transaction costs that specifically preventing these attacks. Therefore trust is created between banks and majority coin owner. This is future of institution transactions. The Bitcoin blockchain is way to slow, uses too much power, and is too expensive. Ethereum strength and best application lies in Smart Contracts.

Currently the Ripple network is the only one that can handle enormous transactional volumes. Here is what is going to happen: Bitcoin will be used like gold. As a long term store of value.

Ethereum will be the platform that all smart contracts run and are funded on using Ether cryprocurrency. Just like any other man made product. You should own all 3. People use Ripple despite XRP, not because of it. XRP is intended for bank use. Meaning, by participating in Ripple, a bank can save vast amounts of money on processing transactions, time and efficiency related to this as well as have a need for less employees, all the while the information being publicly available.

This is important because banks are losing fee revenue left and right. Due to the design and intended target audience banks the public exposure is more secure as its primarily exposed to member institutions and not the masses for the most part. Lastly, on the outside chance Crypto does wreck their world, they are already participating and now have a potential currency replacement for the defunct USD.

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