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With that, the company has moved to inform its clients that they should be aware of restrictions around binary options trades. That is seen as a step to restrict the use of its payment network as a conveyor of financing to unregulated binary options industry. Besides sending out a notice to clients about binary options restrictions, MasterCard has also added binary options among what it considers controversial products that could damage its brand reputation.

MasterCard has also classified illegal ivory and psychoactive herbal drugs trades as controversial activities. The reason MasterCard is moving to cut exposure to binary options is that the trade has been associated with scams, leading to widespread complaints and disputes. From America to Europe to Middle East and Asia, regulators are moving to restrict retail binary options trading activities. Israel has particularly been aggressive in the recent years in cracking down on providers of leveraged investment products such as CFDs and binary options that are deemed too risky to be handled by retail investors.

But ISA has recently stepped up its campaigns against merchants of binary options and is now pushing for a review of the securities law to bar the vendors with offices in the country from even selling to overseas clients. Belgium on its part has banned all retail trading in binary options, while France has moved to ban advertising of binary options in its jurisdiction, including prohibiting vendors of such products from sponsoring sports.

Several European countries including Germany, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands are at various stages of clamping down on providers of so-called toxic investment products. The involvement of Mastercard and Visa in battling unregulated binary options trading could come as a major upset for the industry. Cutting access to funds would effectively cripple providers of such products.

Several large forex brokerages reduced leverages on certain currency pairs ahead of the U. It will be interesting to see if the trend started by MasterCard and Visa will be replicated by other payment processors in fighting nefarious binary options industry. You are likely to come across the Neteller payment gateway options across many areas of the global online marketplace.

Including entertainment especially online gambling and gaming sites , retail, dating, social networking and, of course, financial services. Delays in processing payments and crediting your balance can result in missed trading opportunities.

So when it comes to topping up your binary options broker account, the ability to do so instantly is crucial. Neteller facilitates instant fund deposits via local or international bank transfer, bank wire, credit and debit card deposits as well as instant local deposits such as IDEAL and Giropay.

If you use more than one trading platform or if you have various online merchant accounts open, it certainly makes life easier if you can use the same payment processor with each account.

The fact that so many websites including a significant number of binary options platforms use Neteller reduces the chances of you having to juggle multiple e-wallets. Virtual and gift card options are also available. There is no fee for transferring funds from within Neteller — i. Commission fees can, however, apply to depositing and withdrawing cash from your balance. Deposits made via local or international bank transfer are free.

For withdrawals, a standard money transfer attracts a basic commission of 1. Various fees apply to other withdrawal options. For full details on current charging rates, refer to the Neteller fee overview.