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These pages are intended to be dynamic, subject to the constantly changing software world and user input. Feedback from users -- what you find indispensable; what is misleading, confusing or flat-out wrong; and what startxwin exe options trading missing that you wish was here -- can help to significantly increase the value of these startxwin exe options trading. The answer is almost always: Furthermore, for most purposes BNL-owned computers do not qualify for academic software licenses, though exceptions do exist.

Without Adobe Acrobat an expensive bit of softwarethis can be a daunting question. I am researching answers, some of which are available in my Windows software tips. Here is the gist of it in a nutshell as I write this -- there are online conversion services and OpenOffice is capable of exporting PDF documents. I recommend trying the X Server that is available freely with Cygwin, for which I have created some documentation here: If you can't make that work for you, then I next recommend a commercial product called Xmanager, available from http: Last time I checked, you could still download a fully functional version for a time-limited evaluation period.

You want to hibernate now! Here's how to enable hibernating if it isn't showing up in startxwin exe options trading shutdown box: Open the Control Panels and open "Power Options". Go to the "Hibernate" tab and make sure the the box to enable Hibernation is checked.

When you hit "Turn Off Computer" in the Start menu, if you still only see a Standby button, then try holding down a Shift key -- the Standby button should change to a Hibernate button. To learn more, try Googling "acpi power state", or you can start here as long as this link works. Note there startxwin exe options trading an error in the main post -- the S5 state is actually "Shutdown" in Microsoft's terminology.

From the command line, you can play around with these things with such straighforward commands as: If you like that, then try this on for size. As the leading web browser and mail client, these two apps are the target of prolific viruses, trojans, malware and other nasties. In addition to avoiding many of these, you may also like some of the features available in the alternatives eg.

Four alternatives are in common use three of them share much of the same code-base -- Mozilla, Netscape Navigator and Firefox. This review might help sort you out the differences. As with anything, your preference is yours to decide and also, as with everything else here, feature and security updates are released quite often, so you might try to check for new versions regularly: They are listed here from highest recommendation to lowest: Though frequently mentioned as a pair, Firefox startxwin exe options trading Thunderbird are stand-alone applications.

Firefox is a web browser, and Thunderbird is an email client. You can configure them to work startxwin exe options trading alternative software as you wish eg. Actually, you can generally mix and match pieces from all of these alternatives, but most of them start out with defaults tied startxwin exe options trading their suite companions. Slight thumbs up to Firefox over the other alternatives because it has almost every feature found in the corresponding Mozilla suite, plus additional add-ons.

Vast numbers of independently produced add-ons and customizations are available as well. A suite that includes the big three: This is a fine alternative, but as a browser alternative, this author gives the bigger thumbs up to its sibling, Firefox, listed above. It is available in a free version with a "branding" bar that contains advertisements, or you can buy the product to remove this minor annoyance. Of the three Mozilla-based browsers, this is probably the least used and has the most extraneous startxwin exe options trading thrown in, which is one of several reasons it gets last place in this list.

It is good enough to recommend, but just not quite as highly as the others. The author of this segment finds this to be very puzzling and sometimes frustrating stuff to understand, keep up with, and especially to try to explain clearly and succinctly. Heck, let Netscape walk in a few minutes later for good measure. Now imagine that you, a mere passerby on the street were harangued into cleaning up the inevitable bar fight, complete with broken bottles, flying bar stools and blood everywhere all while it is still going on.

That's not even close to how awful it is BNL-specific requirements and configuration for networked Windows computers: It has a master server inside the BNL firewall from which it receives updates and to which it reports infections.

Every Windows desktop system at BNL should be using this product, with very few exceptions. You can click here to go to the online install the Startxwin exe options trading product. You'll need administrator privileges on your system for the installation. Laptop users with wireless networking are encouraged to use a newer OfficeScan version that has a firewall module and is able to recieve virus pattern updates from multiple sources -- so it can roam around on- and off-site and usually still reach an update server.

This OfficeScan version is also more capable of cleaning up some startxwin exe options trading and malware than the desktop version. To install it in the standard way, you must already be on the BNL external wireless network and go here. BNL employees' personal home computers are permitted to use the PC-cillin productwhich gets its updates from servers that are outside the BNL firewall and it does not report infections to anybody at BNL. PC-cillin includes a firewall module OfficeScan does not and PC-cillin has more but quite limited startxwin exe options trading and ad-ware detection capabilities.

Most major anti-virus vendors have something similar. Relying on these online scanners as you primary defense is startxwin exe options trading. In addition to the inconvenience of manually performing these scans, you really need a product monitoring your system at all times to prevent infections in the first place, rather startxwin exe options trading trying to clean up afterwards. Additional pages that startxwin exe options trading under consideration for creation: Windows installation checklist the basic software and configuration that should probably be on every Windows PC Linux installation checklist Common Linux details and useful links, such as Linux equivalents to software for Windows.

Resources specific to the experiment operations eg. For example, the Cygwin distribution has available an openssh client and the server too, but I don't recommend you use itPostScript and PDF viewers and editors, compression eg.

Using the Cygwin X server An example of Cygwin's usefulness and cost-saving potential is the X server. The Cygwin X server is, in most cases, easy and convenient to use in place of commercial X servers such as Hummingbird Exceed. Here is the short version for those familiar with Cygwin installations: You need the xorg-xbase and X-startup-scripts packages and whatever dependencies they have, which the setup routine should solve for you.

You'll probably also want the xwinclip package. All of these are in the X11 Category in the Cygwin Setup. That will start a stand-alone X Server and an xterm with a cygwin shell.

Edit this batch file as you see fit -- it includes documentation for a number of options. If you are displaying windows from a remote session over ssh, be sure you have X tunneling enabled in your ssh client configuration. In light of startxwin exe options trading 3 above: If you have a local firewall that asks about blocking access to the Xserver, you can usually block it without a problem -- if you have X forwarding enabled and working, then you are usually ok.

Walkthrough of a Cygwin installation MS Word doc. There is a handy tool for initiating shell connections to remote hosts such as via ssh and starting the Cygwin X server called Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher. A Cygwin mirror is available at http: This is quite handy for the cygwin installation and any subsequent use of the setup utility. Please send comments, corrections and suggestions to Wayne Betts: Do we have a site license for software package XYZ?

How can I create a file in pdf format? What X server software should I use in Windows? Hibernate or Standby -- There is a difference which you might find handy: The power required is quite small compared to startxwin exe options trading running, but it can eventually deplete the battery or crash hard if the power is lost in the case of a desktop. While hibernating, no power source is required. It can't wake up quickly it takes about as long as a normal bootupbut when it does wake up, almost everything is just the way you left it.

One caveat about networking is in order here: My new computer is broken!: It's almost certainly true - your new computer is faulty and the manufacturer knows it! Unfortunately, that's just a fact of life.

Straight out of the box, or after acquiring a used PC, you might just want to have a peek at the vendor's website for various updates that have been released. BIOS updates for the motherboard are a good place to start, as they tend to fix all sorts of niggling problems.

Firmware updates for other components are common as startxwin exe options trading driver updates and software patches for pre-installed software. I've solved a number of problems applying these types of updates, though it can take hours to go through them thoroughly and most of the updates have no noticeable effect.

And it is dangerous at times. One anecdote to share here -- we had a common wireless PC Card adapter that was well supported in both Windows and Linux. The vendor provided an updated firmware for the card, installed under Windows.

But it turned out that startxwin exe options trading Linux drivers wouldn't work with the updated firmware. So back we went to reinstall a less new firmware. You'll want to try to be intelligent and discerning in your choices. Dell for instance does a decent job with this your Dell Service Tag is one very useful key herebut still requires a lot from the updater to help ensure things go smoothly.

This of course is in addition to OS updates that are so vital to security and discussed elsewhere. This is the preferred SSH client for Windows. It is free, easy to use and well maintained for both security and bug issues. As with everything, it is only "maintained" if you regularly check for updated versions!