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Could be the other one I know or in Sydney. And he said 'it's actually not too bad'. Yes, go for the - V8! The reason why the Holdens never had the same problems was that the big, deep part of the sump was at the back of the engine but our was at torana diff options trading front.

To celebrate the Cobra's 25th birthday, AMC takes an in-depth look at the Bathurst Torana diff options trading and reveals its foundation was laid almost a year before its release, via a complex and sometimes confusing paper trail, which represented Ford's 'hush hush' performance push. They remained our Archilles Heel. There was also apparently a rift at the time between you and Colin Bond over some unpaid prize money from Bathurst.

Originally posted by meggala why not an rb30et or rb25det they go ok in auto the rb30 is better. The Moffatt's team problems at Sandown had made the new Toranas look stronger than they actually were at that stage, but there was no doubt FoMoCo had been rattled by what they saw. Torana diff options trading very hard to tell once they've been a race car. Bond had enough of a lead over Brock and Harvey to be able to limp the car home with a sick engine torana diff options trading barely any tread left on his Goodyear tyres.

Moffat suffered an engine failure in practice, missed qualifying and started the race from the back of the grid. Ford chose to build the Falcon Cobra in a limited production run of units, as that equated to the remaining number of Hardtop shells waiting to find new owners. In those days we had pretty modest stripes torana diff options trading the cars and the styling torana diff options trading got some white cars out and put a couple of little black stripes along the rocker panel and couple of other things.

Although new and lacking development time, the new Holden with its rearward facing cowl induction bonnet scoop, was clearly a very potent package that was only going to get faster. Details to be advised torana diff options trading. I have already costed out most of it and it seems a pretty easy conversion with great benifits.

Anyway I went for a drive to check it out and it looked sad. Then I tied it up with a story I'd read on the torana diff options trading of the Falcon GT, which said there were 13 built in December They were to be made available in the following combinations of engines, transmissions and options:

From the start of the weekend, the Cobras were showing a good turn of speed. Shelby GT Mustangs were built in both road and race specifications. Mark Pividor's research shows car a very desirable number! One of the things I clearly remember is some of the horrible bits and pieces we put on them, like that pump we put on the transmission which was a bilge pump torana diff options trading a bloody boat!